Attendance Policy

Absence procedures

If your child is absent due to an illness please inform the office no later than 9.30am every day of absence unless a doctor has advised a set period of absence e.g. chicken pox may require up to 2 weeks. If the office has had no notification of your child’s absence a call is generated through our truancy call system. This call will be informing you that your child has not arrived at school and will be asking for an explanation of their absence. If the call is not returned the child will receive an unauthorised absence. Any child whose absence drops below 95% will trigger the school attendance officer to start investigating the child’s absence history. If attendance drops below 90% the child will be referred to the Education Welfare Social Worker. It is a legal requirement that children come to school, where a child’s attendance is harming their academic progress the Authority may take legal action.

Celebrating attendance

We want every child to attend school every day! To celebrate those children who achieve, every ½ term, 100% attendance they receive a golden ticket. At the end of each ½ term these tickets are dropped into a box in a whole school assembly. At the end of the year a ticket for each key stage is drawn from the box and that child receives a big prize. This year’s prize is a bike!