School Award System


Children should receive positive praise for good effort, good work and good behaviour. If it is appropriate the child can be sent to other classes and senior teachers for praise.


These are to be awarded for group or class behaviour. They can be used for both class punctuality and full attendance. In order to become a ‘super class’ Classes need to collect 50 tokens. When a class achieves this they will be presented with a certificate, they will then be entitled to choose a class treat.


Stickers are given to children for good work, effort and behaviour. When a child completes the merit card he/she takes the card to the head teacher and a new merit card with the first sticker is given to the child. Parents will be invited to the following Friday’s assembly where they will be presented with an award.

  • Card 1 Side 1 – Canterbury Cross Super Star Pencil
  • Card 1 Side 2 – Canterbury Cross Super Star Buggly Pen
  • Card 2 both sides – Canterbury Cross Super Star Pencil Crayons
  • Card 3 both sides – Bronze Award Star
  • Card 4 both sides – Silver Award Star
  • Cards 5 – 9 both sides – Gold Award Star
  • Cards 10 + - Platinum Sparkle Star

Stickers can be given by any adult or prefect when extra special achievements are noted. Some children may require a sticker for their card and their jumpers.


If a child has completed a good piece of work, or worked very hard, then the class teacher can send them to the head teacher for a special sticker during the last 15 minutes of the day.


Behaviour whilst on a school trip needs to be monitored and recognised. A certificate will be awarded to classes after a trip, providing the whole class has demonstrated appropriate behaviour. The certificate will be presented during the Celebration Assembly.