Reception Group


In Reception children build on the learning journey they started in Nursery. The teachers use the foundation stage profile to plan challenging and creative learning experiences for children to enjoy. The children's progress is assessed against the early Learning Goals. Take a look at what our reception classes have been up to:

Year 1

In Year 1 children complete a transition unit which allows the children to move from the foundation curriculum into the slightly more formal Key Stage 1 curriculum. Play is still a key feature in Year1 and many learning challenges are achieved through practical activities. Take a look at what our Year 1 classes have been up to:

Year 2

Year 2 is the final year in Key Stage 1. Throughout this year the children continue to develop their key skills in Literacy and Numeracy and these results are published nationally as the end of Key Stage 1 results. Take a look at what our Year 2 classes have been up to:

Year 3

Year 3 is the first year of Key stage 2. This year sees the children enjoying the topic themes of "Light" linking to ancient Egypt and "The Rainforest" and continuing to develop their key academic skills.
Take a look at what our Year 3 classes have been up to:

Year 4

Year 4 is the midpoint of Key Stage 2. The curriculum is enriched through such exciting themes as "The Olympics" and "Inventions" Take a look at what our Year 4 classes have been up to:

Year 5

Year 5's curriculum is a school favourite! The topic theme of Space sees the children immerse themselves in the wonders of the Galaxy and the scientific principles behind life and events on Earth. Another topic theme is "Paradise" where the children at Canterbury Cross investigate the 1km square of land we own on a tropical island! Take a look at what our Year 5 classes have been up to:

Year 6

Year 6 is the last year at Canterbury Cross. As our oldest children Year 6 take on a variety of responsibilities to help in the running of our school such as Librarians, Prefects, Young People's Parliament delegates. During May Year 6 participate in the end of key stage tests known as SATs. These important test results are reported to the children's secondary school and are published nationally. Take a look at what our Year 6 classes have been up to:


At Canterbury Cross we cater for every individual. We celebrate our children's diversity and look for ways to support the learning of every child. We have an Inclusion manager who monitors the progress of all children, those who have special educational needs have planned learning targets (Individual Education Plans) to help the children progress.

Children who are deemed to be below national expectation may be placed on the schools' special needs register, this ensures that these children receive additional support and resources to help them make the steps they need.

In contrast some children may be identified as gifted or talented in areas, these children may be placed in special groups to help these skills or talents to be developed, Canterbury Cross currently operates a Brain Academy in Key stage 2 for our academically gifted children. Children who have been identified with a talent, eg sport are encouraged and supported to access additional agencies and associations where this talent can be built upon.

At Canterbury Cross over 90% of our children have English as an additional Language (EAL). This means that our curriculum and environment in language rich in a variety of languages. Those children whose English is limiting their academic progress are referred to the EAL coordinator where they are assessed and where appropriate additional support and resources are planned for to allow the child's English skills to develop.